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Sian & Paco – Profile

Sian_KathleenHuertas“My name is Sian and I will be your host. I live with my husband, Paco, who is my support system and will be with us for meals and many of the activities that you participate in.

At the start of my working life, I worked full-time for a registered charity in London for a few years before going to work in Ibiza as a representative of a large British travel company. I was given a problematic hotel so consequently spent much of my working time trying to sort out problems for my clients. Following that, I married and had three children. We had returned to live in England at that time. I worked briefly in the family business, running part of it, and then went on to work for the NHS – the health service. I became a manager in a large health centre – we had approximately 10,000 patients. During this time, I studied psychology for eight years. I have worked with children – both from stable and unstable backgrounds. Paco ran his own plumbing and heating engineering business in England. He is a flamenco singer and I met him by walking into his place of work one evening many years ago now.

Sian_PacoHuertasPaco and I live at El Pavo which is a very old olive mill. We bought it in 2003, started restoring it in 2008 and the main work was completed two years later. It is situated to the north of a mountain range which, from the mill, stretches as far as the eye can see. Within this range is the Puerto de las Pedrizas at 805m. This area offers really good walking and cycling and those interested in bird watching will, depending upon the time of year, have a variety of birds to watch. Its situation means that the cities of Málaga, Granada, Córdoba, Seville and Almería are all within a reasonable distance from the mill. The nearest beach lies to the south, about half an hours drive away. Villanueva del Trabuco, a small town of approximately 5,000 inhabitants, is a ten minute drive away. We often cycle to it. It has a municipal market and a reasonable variety of shops. The area of El Torcal is within an hour`s drive from the mill and has a stunning rock formation with a choice of two different walks around it. Birds of prey are often spotted there.

The activities that you, as our visitor, would be offered are many and varied. We have six bicycles, a swimming pool for the hotter months, a pool table, boulle for playing on flatter ground outside the mill and, of course, walking and running. We also have various games for entertainment inside when weather stops us being out of doors. During this time, you can use the library where we have a good selection of books, about 90% of which are in English. There is a reading room where one can lounge and sit quietly to read. In the evenings, this room can transform into our own cinema where we play films, mainly in English. Both the reading and the watching of films can then be discussed with me in English. We do not have television and this is a very conscious decision. A visit to a larger town or city could be included in your stay and a visit to El Torcal. I can talk you through the process of spinning raw wool and converting it into a thread which can be used for knitting, crocheting or rug making. I hold workshops for spinning and dyeing wool using mainly natural dyes. I also make cheese from local goats` milk, in the cooler months. If you were interested, we could collect the milk together from the farm and I could talk you through the whole procedure. I cook English food often for us so participating in that activity is also on the agenda if you so wished.

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From time to time, we have people staying with us from various places but they are all English speaking. This would be an opportunity for you to hear English spoken by different people, sometimes with a regional accent. This all brings variety and richness to your experience here.

We moved to El Pavo permanently in June of this year, having had a house as well in the province of Córdoba, As that house has been sold, we now find ourselves with more time on our hands. We also have room to accommodate people and we love having people to stay. We have 25 rooms in all at the mill. You would have your own self contained apartment but are only a short distance from us should you need anything. The apartment has its own log burner for the colder months.

El Pavo is a peaceful and relaxing place to be. People appear to be refreshed after their time here and some visitors have even extended their stay”.