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Annie & César – Profile



Hello, I’m Annie and I live here in a little village just outside Alcalá la Real with my husband, Cesar and our three children. Until three years ago, we lived in England, where my husband was completing his PhD in Theatre Studies. I ran the Management and Information Unit in the Education Service of a large local authority. I took early retirement so that we could follow our dream of living a more simple life in Spain. During these three years, I have been putting my TESOL qualification to good use, teaching in local academies and giving private lessons. I am enjoying it all immensely.




We all speak English at home now that the children are completely bi-lingual and doing well at their local schools. Cesar recognises the importance of keeping his own English skills honed and I encourage the children to keep developing their English vocabulary and ability to express themselves in that language.

We have only just found the house we are now living in and are working to make the outside as lovely as the inside…an on-going process. Luckily for us, in our little village, there is another English couple who have already gone through the hard work of transforming their village property and have a beautiful two-bedroomed apartment and pool available for our guests’ use. It’s just a couple of minutes walk away and thus gives us an additional space and environment for speaking English.



As a family, we love playing word games and doing things together and our guests may find themselves playing ‘Charades’ or ‘Pictionary’. I make a lot of use of games in my teaching life which is generally appreciated in my English classes – my motto could be ‘Make Learning Fun!’ Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love to talk, share anecdotes and dig deep into what makes people who they are. They might also tell you that I make pretty good handmade chocolates too!

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