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Anna & Gabriel – Profile


Hello I’m Anna!

I have been living in La Fuente Grande for four years with my husband Gabriel. La Fuente Grande is a small village close to Almedinilla which claims to be “the town of dreams”!  Our home is called “Cortijo de las Estrellas” and there is a reason for this name which will be revealed later. There are lovely views of the countryside all around our home. The beautiful town of Priego De Cordoba is fifteen kilometers away and the Natural Park of the Sierra Subbetica close by.

Both Gabriel and I are figurative sculptors. We have an “infestation “of sculptures around our home which can be the subject of many interesting discussions. The subjects of our work are symbolic, mythological and metaphysical.

In the past I have been the founder and managing director of a food manufacturing company in the United Kingdom employing forty personnel. My business specialized in value -added Mediterranean products for the major supermarkets and natural food shops.  I have particular expertise in marketing and product development as well as negotiating contracts with customers.  These skills I will be happy to share with you in the course of our English conversation if it is of interest to you.  I can assist you with interview skills and producing your curriculum vitae if appropriate.   In addition I have a serious interest in Astrology (Las Estrellas), and am able to produce an astrological chart with a focus on career if this appeals to you.

Gabriel_profileGabriel previously had his own art gallery in the South of France where he sold his sculpture for forty years.  Before becoming a sculptor Gabriel worked on the team of the famous Jacques Cousteau as a professional diver for many years. Gabriel has many interesting stories to tell, including about the time he was ship-wrecked!

Our house is a typical Spanish Cortijo which Gabriel and I have restored lovingly ourselves.  We have an extensive vegetable garden which supplies the needs of the household all year round. Gabriel has built dry-stone walls which enable me to use the deep bed system of horticulture. The result of this is a highly productive garden within a relatively small area. We make our own compost and grow vegetables and fruit organically. This is an activity you are very welcome to join in with if it pleases you.

Our daily pattern begins with breakfast at 9am, main meal at 2pm and a light meal around 8 or 9pm.  We eat only home-cooked food with a strong emphasis on home-grown fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and chicken. I enjoy cooking and am happy to share recipes and preparation if this suits you.

We can offer you a spacious, comfortable room with your own private bathroom in our house where you will be received to live as part of the family during your stay. There is also internet via Wi-Fi available for use on your own computer. We are friendly, relaxed and open-minded people who enjoy discussion. There is no television but an extensive library of English language books.  English language films are also available to enjoy together. We access the daily news on the internet which can also be the subject for one to one conversations.  Depending on your own needs and interests these one to one conversations form the basis of your English programme.

As part of our family during your stay you will participate in outings to and visits from other English speakers. We hope to take you out to visit places of interest depending on your preferences and sense of adventure. The area where we live is one of outstanding natural beauty with much to see from a historical perspective too. The fabulous city of Granada is only an hour away and a visit to the Al Hambra is a wonderful experience we can share. The City of Cordoba is also in easy reach.

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Your own particular needs and interests will be the basis for the programme of activities we arrange during your stay. It is therefore important to know for what purpose and the context in which you need to develop spoken English PRIOR to your visit.

We look forward to giving you a very warm welcome at Cortijo De Las Estrellas.

Anna and Gabriel Mariani